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Search, and the commercial clash of the information age

People are looking for things. You want them to find you. But not just when looking for you, of course, that’s a given. Really, you want them to find you when they are looking for other things. Or, best of all, when they’re looking to buy other things. And so the clash emerges. Because of how search works, if you […]

Product Hunt, PR tools and my advice for startups

Young companies that aren’t eager to spend thousands on a retainer still realise they need to get their story out to the people who count. But, based on the selection of tools showing up on ProductHunt, you’d think the future of PR was press releases and spamming media lists. To anyone who actually has experience with PR, […]

Death to content: long live the editor

In the effort to rule their industry, almost every player has ended up churning out the same old slurry by neglecting a key element of creating great stories. It comes down to this: the world doesn’t need more content, it needs better editors. A good editor establishes a fair, consistent point of view. They bring priorities, […]

“The internet is like an endless gong show for advertisers, with consumers only too willing and able to kill your interruption with a quick click of a red cross. This isn’t a “threat”, it’s a return to a more natural balance.”

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The people who ruined search are coming to ruin content

Search has changed. It’s becoming so hard to just play the game that you end up with half the discussion revolving around really sensible smart strategy, things like using content to gain attention and stand out online or semantic markup and metadata to genuinely clarify the definition of your entities. The downside of this is […]

Interviewed by Gorkana

Gorkana recently interviewed us about our industry, including where tech PR is going and the worst thing a journalist has ever said to me. Which social media platform has changed your life? Can I argue BBEdit, which powers the SomethingAwful.com forums? It turns out that growing up out in the country and wasting hours trawling through […]

Augur launch covered across industry

The Holmes Report: “Having come from managing comms at Tradeshift, I’m most interested in the kinds of unsexy, B2B companies that really power things behind the scenes,” Tatton-Brown told the Holmes Report. “Unsung heroes.” Augur launches with five technology clients, although Tatton-Brown declined to reveal their names, instead noting that some are backed by investors […]

Why Augur?

PR has become a much maligned industry. And perhaps there’s some fairness to the criticism. Over the last 100 years, its “two-way street” origin decayed into something designed to match broadcast media’s growth with scalable profitability. But as a result, shifting patterns of attention have left many agencies fielding foghorns in a world now thriving […]