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Augur Unbound: Fintech PR for Pleo’s UK launch

With Augur Unbound, we pitch great stories, for companies that need it, at no cost.  The range of new, smart banks are great. Companies like Monzo are turning bank accounts into software. And, if you want to know you’re spending too much on sandwiches, that’s all well and good. But if you apply the same […]

Notes + Quotes: Fintech Investor Forum 2017

We recently attended the London Stock Exchange’s Fintech Investor Forum 2017, where Ahmed Badr from GoCardless was involved in a panel on Infrastructure. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a brief selection of notes, quotes and highlights. Read on to see what caught our attention. "For banks, innovation is launching a lab in their building. […]

How Augur Works: Pitching vs Planning

We get it. Everyone in our business wants to be Don Draper. Big pitch day. Stand up, leaf through the cards, standing ovation. But then reality strikes. You do the kick off meetings and start trying to implement things, only to find that the “big idea” in your strategy isn’t possible for another year (if […]


Augur updates operating system to suit tech scaleup needs

Increases specialisation on running strategy and delivery Launching two new services: Augur Edits: a commissioning editor for clients Augur Unbound: free pitching of great stories The point is: agencies say what they want but while their incentives don’t change, their actions won’t either. This update refines Augur’s focus further around strategy and iteration in house, while […]


How Augur Works

Of all disciplines, you should expect technology PR to change with the times. Here’s a 10 facts about how we work, and most importantly, the actions we take to deliver a demonstrably different service. 1. ENGINEERED MORE EFFICIENTLY Modern work can be a mess of information overload, sprawling spreadsheet plans and bureaucracy that slows action to a […]

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GoCardless and Pleo choose Augur for Fintech PR

Joining BookingBug and card-linked offers platform Birdback Augur mentoring at Level 39, Barclays Techstars Fintech Accelerator, Notion Capital and more Money makes the world go round. But often too slowly, inconveniently and on the bank’s terms. Fintech promises to present a glass of icewater in this hellish landscape. What’s more, London’s history as a financial […]


Augur writes about the future of journalism on TechCrunch

One thing we think is really important at Augur is to be properly connected to the world of the companies we work with. So we often end up writing for places like Quartz, Wired, The Guardian about technology and culture trends that are changing behaviour. Most recently, the editors at TechCrunch published Max’s piece about how payment […]


Observations from Level 39 office hours

One of the pleasures of what we do is being invited into accelerators like Level 39, Barclays Fintech and TravelTech to give time to the next generation of young startups. Every time we wrap up one of these sessions, it strikes me how the themes progress between the different conversations and how I think it […]