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Augur in PR Week: “The Problem with Growth”

We exist to question the assumptions that plague other agencies, and build something better for our partners. Growth is a problem, and the most common solution only adds to it. So we wrote our thoughts for PR Week to help other agencies explore a better way.

The entrepreneurial communications partner

It’s easy to become numb to the language companies use when they describe themselves. And frankly, that’s because it’s often generic, superficial and hollow. You scratch below the surface and slip right through the gap. So when we say Augur is the “entrepreneurial” communications partner, how does it make us a better choice for founders […]

Work at Augur

One of the reasons I founded Augur is because I believe too many agencies take really talented people and completely waste their time. They squeeze them dry on hopeless, demanding clients, shackled to ancient inefficient processes and force them to crawl across coals just to be rewarded fairly. We can do better. Augur is growing and we are looking for the people who […]


Augur shares agency lessons from startup land

We’ve been writing again, this time for Influence, the official publication of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Cash obviously keeps you alive — but if you don’t really achieve momentum on the other three, you aren’t developing an engine that can sustain value for the long term. In many ways, getting that cash in […]

Augur writes for Sifted

We like to write. Recently inspired by an example from Ricochet, I put together some helpful tips for how companies can start telling their story pre-Series A. Like almost everything in early startup days, you have to spend your energy on things that will create a greater than proportionate result. So don’t embark on a […]

A good message is based on meaning

You sit at a table. The top has been carved from a solid but elegant material, with a marble sheen and a cold smooth touch. It reminds you of a shell you found once as a child on a beach on a family holiday. It makes you feel something you haven’t felt in years. You […]


A better taxonomy for Comms strategy

I get the idea of owned, earned, paid (and people add shared, but how is that not earned?) However, it feels like it’s phrased so tactically, and without a relationship or journey between the different elements. They are just smushed in a single hierarchy. In practice, this means it can feel a clumsy way to […]


B2B can worry less about its Cambridge Analytica moment

There are many reasons I chose to focus Augur on “unsexy” tech. But one of the key ones is that I believe the nature of PR and marketing is a really good fit for the B2B market. The incentives align better In consumer marketing, brands try and reach “most people”. They want big publicity splashes. […]

Augur Unbound at Web Summit

They say it’s bad form to turn up to an occasion empty handed. So for Web Summit, as well as supporting Lisbon superstars Unbabel, we wanted to bring a little extra with us. For the first time, we’ll be bringing our Augur Unbound programme to Web Summit. Free PR The idea of Augur Unbound is […]